Fees and Services

All rates and fees are subject to contract agreement:

Latch Key

For School age children!

Latch Key is $6- $9 a day (depending on hours) with no minimum of days.

Latch Key is offered Monday through Friday,  2:30pm - 6:00pm

Healthy snacks are served after arrival.

Quiet place available for completing homework.

Playroom available for safe supervised fun.

Payment is due on Friday of each week. (Pay in full on the Friday of each week or an additional charge of $10 per week will be added to your account). $30 fee is added to all returned checks. 


Preschool & Toddler 

Rate Schedule and Daily Hours

 Preschool: ages 24 months and up!

Toddler: ages 24 months and under, (have to walk)

$22 for toddlers and preschool for all am classes or full 10 hour day

$26 for 10 hours 1 min to 11 1/2 hour day

$16 for kids dropped off here on a bus from 10:30 am to 11:30am and stay less than 5 hours

$22 for kids dropped off here on a bus from 10:30 am to 11:30 am that are here longer than 5 hours

$6 for 0 hours to 2 hours of care -- afternoon only

$9 for 2 hours 1 min to 5 hours of care -- afternoon only

Charges past 6:00pm is $15 and $1 for every min after.

Charges must be paid at the time of pick up.



Infants: up to 24 months

$27 a day

Payment Is due on Monday of each week. ( Pay in full by the Friday of each week or an additional Late Fee charge of $10 per week will be added to your account).

$30 fee is added to all returned checks.

Classes will be held on Monday - Friday

Supply List:

                    2- Baby wipes

    1-Antibacterial wipes

                    2- Large boxes of Kleenex


All items need to be LABELED including jackets & backpacks that are worn daily.


 Private Kindergarten

Classes run for the whole school year (40wks).

Small class size, only have 10 spots per year. So please call in advance if you are interested. 

Cost: $150 a week or $600 a month (must be paid in advance)

Exploratory Play 

Many opportunities for creative play with many hands-on items such as:

 hand held instruments, puppets, puzzles, dress up clothes, play house, play kitchen with food, educational tv, listening center, large legos, over-sized building blocks, etc.


Emergency Public School Closing Days

Anytime the school closes for any reason-- snow, teacher meetings, gas leak, flu, etc. we are open for full day childcare.

Open 6:30am - 6:00pm

$20 per day.

$30 fee is added to all returned checks. 

Pay for the days you use.  Payment is expected at the time of service.

Breakfast, lunch and a snack are provided.  Fun actives include--story center, art and craft center, board game center, movie room, puzzles, draw and write center, supervised computer educational game time, etc.    Call for more information or to reserve your spot.  Reserved spots are billed whether you show or not.

All rates are subject to an agreement.  We meet, discuss, agree on your needs as a parent and for the child and write a contract for the agreed amount of tutoring, kindergarten, latch key, preschool, infant care & summer camp or all.

Call for an appointment.

                   Summer Camp

 $20 a day

Charges are paid weekly.  A $10 late fee will be added if not paid by Friday.

Summer Camp Program begins when R-80 summer school ends in June and lasts until school begins in August.

The Learning Center's Summer Camp is a full day educational program where children will experience many fun filled activities that are theme based without the typical classroom pressure of a regular school day.

Breakfast, Lunch and a healthy snack are served each day.

Local field trips are taken with parent's permission. Field trips consist of the Pool, Montauk, Bray Conservation Area, etc.

Enroll Early!!

Instructional Hours 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Call for more information or to reserve your spot!      573-729-3411

Schedule according to your needs!

Scheduled vacations will not be charged!

Summer Curriculum

Updated annually!! To be announced!



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